Portion Control Fresh

America's Choice for Premium Idaho Grown Potatoes


Farm to Table Fresh

Specially Sized Potatoes

Portion Control Fresh, LLC is owned and operated by farmers who have been in the business of growing, packaging, and shipping potatoes since 1949.

We offer precision sizing for our food service industry customers who demand consistency in their serving portion requirements.

Our potatoes are grown in Idaho and come straight from the rich volcanic soil to your table.

Premium Retail Potatoes

The secret to a great tasting potato is to keep them in the dark!

Nature's Light brand potatoes are stored and packed so that they are kept as "light free" as possible. Light diminishes the natural potato flavor.

No bitter taste sometimes resulting from light turning the potatoes green.

Commercial Food Handling Equipment

Our "Triple-C" Cuber offers you labor saving help in your kitchen. It's unique design cuts pre-cooked then cooled potatoes.

Designed to cut labor costs when making potato salad in commercial kitchens, it can also be used to cut home fries and wedges (cuboids).

Cuts soft flesh fruits, boiled eggs, tofu, etc.

Easy to clean and maintain. Dishwasher safe.

Two cube size diameter options to choose from. 3/4" and 7/16".

Nature's Light

Portion Control Fresh, LLC

Grown in Idaho, packed in Idaho, shipped from Idaho!

Our finest russet potatoes shipped directly to you.

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I believe in Portion Control for fresh potatoes. Portion Control Fresh, LLC brand potatoes are a game changer for chefs and owners of restaurants around the country. It's nice to know that there is someone out there thinking of ways to make my job easier, better, and more profitable.

Chef Dave - ACF Chef of the Year 2015

My business of making potato salad every day is labor intensive. the Portion Control Fresh "Cuber" has cut our labor time by 75% or more. We can cube 50 lbs. of potatoes in less than 5 minutes! It is one of the most important tools in our kitchen! We buy Portion Control Fresh 3-ounce potatoes because they cook evenly, keeping our product consistent. No more over or under cooking potatoes. I strongly recommend buying PCF 3-ounce potatoes because they make the perfect cubes. Thank you PCF for listening to our needs and developing such a great tool and offering the perfect potato product!

Milton Hernandez - Red Hot & Blue

We buy Portion Control Fresh 9-ounce potatoes to make our own fresh cut fries. The consistency in size provides us with the perfect serving amount that is consistent and cost effective. PCF potatoes arrive having been temperature controlled. This is so important in controlling sugar levels when frying. We highly recommend PCF potatoes for anyone making fresh cut fries.

Barry Thompson - Restaurant Owner

Correct Temperature for the Perfect Baked Potato

Grown Only in Idaho

For best tasting potatoes, keep them in the dark!